In reading about Byzantine icons, I learned that the act of painting is actually a prayer.

My sacred work is intended first and foremost to honor God, and to draw us closer to him. In my sample piece, I have chosen the beautiful Mozart Requiem, one of the most inspiring pieces of music ever written. Mozart was a man of faith, a practicing Catholic, although his faith is rarely discussed by musicologists in program notes or CD jackets. This is unfortunate as Mozart certainly intended the works for worship, not mere connoisseurship. My goal is to"render unto God what belongs to God."

I am very interested in internet projects, since we taxpayers paid for the internet and are not accurately represented.I hope to work with Christian groups using the internet so it can become an instrument of hope and faith, rather than shock and offense to people around the world. Use of some of my paintings, drawings and photos can be leased for TV, internet or print. I also work on commission for paintings and have limited editions of some works for sale on my shopping page. Please contact me if you have a need for strong, authentic Christian visuals for your website.

I am currently working on two projects which will be available in the fall of 2008:

1. Book of Hours

2. Art for Church Bulletins, a CD priced affordably, collaborative works for Church bulletins and publications. Please watch my site for announcements.

Thank you for your interest.

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